5 Ways Online Collaboration Can Help Your Nonprofit

JANUARY 05, 2019.

The most essential thing any NGO needs to have is passion for it's cause, every person working for the NGO or affiliated with it needs to share that passion. However, the next important thing is coordination, with volunteers, with supporters, with other NGOs, with the community, and even with the people in the organization. Now, when you are running a NGO, whether big or small, it's hard to keep up with communications on all fronts. This is where online collaborations and online collaboration tools/systems come in handy.

So, there are 5 major areas where online collaboration will help you and make the running of your organization a lot easier.

Community Partnerships

Think about what happens in YouTube collaborations. When YouTubers collaborate, they do two videos, one for each channel. What this does is that it 'migrates' viewers and subscribers across the channels so that both YouTubers gain followers. If we apply this logic to NGO collaboration, it means that all parties involved will achieve or get close to achieving the goals they've set for the collaboration.

External collaborations also increase your network. This network in turn becomes your support system in your community, further solidifying your position and staying power.

Internal Efficiency

Internal collaboration is just as important as, perhaps a little more important than, external collaboration. Now, whether you're a small NGO or a big one, it's not always easy to have consistent, smooth communication throughout the organization. There could be issues like people working on-site, work trips, or simply too many employees and teams. In such cases, it is preferable to have an online collaboration system, in fact, you should have one in place eve if you are a small team just to keep things organized (and get used to it for when you get big).

Common Interest Groups

When NGOs collaborate, it's not necessarily with organizations within their niche group; sometimes NGOs from different areas of function collaborate and the only thing common between them is the issue they are working around. For example, a food bank, a school, and a drug clinic may all agree on trying to solve hunger even if the way they approach the issue differ. In collaborations like these, all involved organizations stand to gain new supporters for their cause through the other organizations.

Board Engagement

Your board members are a vital part of your organization so it is important to keep them in the loop. Now, this may not be as easy as not all board members will be available for regular meet ups, so having an online collaboration system to coordinate with your board members and give them any important updates that concern them. This will not only help them get regular updates but also put in their two cents in the working of the NGO.

Volunteer Involvement

Volunteers are just as important as board members; while the board are the decision makers, your volunteers are the people who actually put in the work towards your cause. So, it goes without saying that you need to have constant communication with them no matter how spread out they may be. This is another area where online collaboration will help you. When you host events away from your local area, an online collaboration system helps you coordinate with them and keep the functioning smooth running without having to travel to the event location constantly.

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