3 Reasons Why Pinterest is Still Relevant for Nonprofits

JANUARY 26, 2019.

When you think about Pinterest as a platform, things like step-by-step recipes, do it yourself tutorials, fashion, and quotes come to mind. While Pinterest is popularly used for lifestyle and fashion, there is no denying that it is a fast growing discovery platform that is actively used by a wide variety of people; and believe it or not, it is a platform you can leverage to amplify you NGOs message and reach more people.

Here are 3 reasons why Pinterest is still relevant for nonprofits.

It is growing fast, especially in female demography

as of September 2018, Pinterest officially has 250 Million active users to it's name, out of which around 81% are in the female demography. Now, this piece of statistic is important because some studies have shown that not only do women give to charity more often than men and spread out their giving to different charities, but they also give more in total dollars.

So, if you want to tap into this massive pool of people who are highly likely to invest in your cause, you need to start looking into using Pinterest as a legit social media platform for your organization.

It is a platform for discovery

On Facebook, you scroll through your feed to know what your friends and family are doing, Twitter lets you stay in the loop with the world's latest news, be it politics or celebrities, and Instagram lets you put your most aesthetic side on display. Pinterest, however, is majorly a discovery platform; people use it to discover new fashion, new recipes, new people. This means that you have a higher chance of gaining new supporters on Pinterest than on Facebook or Twitter, where people tend to only follow people the know of.

The most optimal way to being found by the right audience is by using the right keywords. It's important to use the right keywords as opposed to the popular keywords because, while the most searched keywords will get you lots of views, the right ones will help you be discovered by those people who will be most likely to support you.

Amazing Resources:

It is aspirational

People on Pinterest pin images, videos, and articles based on things they want to try, recipes they want to make, clothes they want to wear, places they want to visit, all ultimately reflecting on the people they want to be. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, where you post about the happenings of your life or Twitter, where you catch up on what the world is doing currently, Pinterest is a platform that allows people to show the world the kind of people they want to be.

The way Pinterest works is that it allows you to save pins in boards that you can come back to later – for inspiration or reference. This gives content on Pinterest a much longer shelf-life as compared to other platforms; Pinterest pins have an average 'half life' (the amount of time it takes for content to get 50% of its engagement) of 3.5 months, as compared to 24 minutes for a tweet and 90 minutes for a Facebook post.

Since Pinterest is an aspirational platform and its pins have a long shelf life, your impact stories, especially the ones in video form, will do exceptionally well on this site than on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Another type of content that will do well here is quotes; whether you pick quotes already made famous by people of interest from your field of work, pick out quotes from any talks or events you host, or even come up with new ones, quotes can easily become your go-to content for Pinterest.

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